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In the interest of full disclosure, this section should be entitled “About Me”.  I am the founder, buyer, CEO, COO, CFO, fulfillment department, and custodian.  My name is Tim, and you are welcome to call me at any reasonable hour to talk about Mayan hammocks at 1-800-HAMMEX-2 (800-426-6392).  You may not always reach me – if you don’t, leave your name and a number and I’ll get back to you promptly.

I first imported these amazing hammocks in the spring of 1989, having been inspired to pursue this venture after a 2 month tour of La Ruta Maya.  (For readers interested in more about how a gringo got lured into the business, and more on my inaugural trip, check out my blog.)

I began that first trip in Merida, the capital of Yucatan State, and, coincidentally, the hub of the hammock (hamaca ~ “ah-MAH-ca” ~ in Spanish) business in the Yucatan.  Mayan hammocks are produced by and for the use of the Maya who live in the hot and steamy flat-land regions of La Ruta Maya, i.e., the northern Yucatan peninsula.  They are not commonly found or used in the southern, more mountainous areas where other indigenous Maya live.

As I discovered these hammocks for myself, I realized I had stumbled upon a hidden gem of handcraft, ‘hidden’ at least as far as the average US citizen is concerned.  I still recall the first time I stretched out in my old faithful blue, orange, red and white hamaca (pictured several times on this site – it’s still in service!).  I could hardly believe that the hype of the street vendors was true – ‘como estar en los brazos de su mama’ – like being in the arms of your mother.  Nearly 25 years later, I am still somewhat bewildered that these hammocks haven’t become a fixture in most homes north of the border, as their comfort is beyond compare.

And so I began a modest business based on one simple conviction: this hammock is by far, hands-down, without exception, bar-none, the most remarkably comfortable hammock available in the world.  Ever.  Period.

My involvement in the import business has led me to other handcrafts, from textiles, to pottery, to jewelry, and though my attention has been diverted at times from my first love, the Mayan hammock, it is the one handcraft I have continuously identified my business with.  Now I have come full circle.  Through this website, I am coming back to my roots, focusing my energies on bringing to you the one product that I have always believed in and most desired to share with the world beyond the Yucatan.

You can find these hammocks on several sites throughout the web.  Many of these sellers are fine businesses, and they offer a quality product; some offer a variety of hammocks from around the world.  I believe what makes me different is my dedication to each customer, each transaction, each relationship I form through my business… and the conviction that, if it’s comfort you are looking for, there is nothing better than the Mayan hammock. With one notable exception*, I see no point in selling any other hammock. 

I want to help you get in on the secret.  I promise a highly personal level of service you will not often find on the web today.  I won’t rest until you are resting easy in your Hammex Mayan hammock. Call or email me at info@hammex.com, and I’ll be happy to help you find the perfect Mayan hammock for you and answer any hammock questions not covered on these pages. 

Here’s hoping I’ll hear from you soon~

Tim (and Molly!)

 Mayan hammock with Tim and Molly


(* Some of us gringos grew up with American-style rope hammocks, and for hard-core devotees of them we offer the Twin Oaks rope hammock. This high-quality, Virginia-sourced hammock is ideal for rope hammock fans, and has the added advantage of being woven of weather-resistant olefin.)