Hanging Your Hammock - the short version

For detailed tips and instructions on hanging your hammock, check out the "Hang It Up!"  page.

    Be certain your supports are strong enough for you (and, size permitting, whoever may be joining you). Fix hammock hooks into studs, joists or rafters indoors.  Use a strong, soft rope (we suggest 3/8" braided nylon) to span any gaps between the hooks and the hammock.

      Tie up your hammock using this knot (click link to embiggen):

      Hammex Mayan hammock quick release knot

      In actual use, the knot should be tightened more than indicated in the illustration, toward the outermost arc of the end-loop, to prevent it from slipping under weight.

        If you hang it directly on hooks (especially if you use J-hooks) and not the recommended hammock hooks, cover the hooks with scraps of cloth first, to reduce wear on the end-loops.

          Test your supports and knots before getting in. Grab the hammock with both hands and bear down with your entire weight.

            Allow enough clearance so you won't touch the ground (2 ½ feet when empty is about right, but you can hang it as low or as high as you like, providing it will not touch the ground when occupied. 

            Properly hung, a Mayan hammock should 'drape' in a deep arc, almost semi-circular, or, if you will, like this here smile:



            When hung like this, the spread of the Mayan hammock,

            and your enjoyment of it, can be maximized.