How can I use it if I don’t have 2 trees? 

One of the wonders of the Mayan hammock is that you can hang them in just about any space that measures 10-11 feet across.  (see the "Hang It Up!" hanging tips page for more details).  The Mayan hammock evolved as an interior furnishing for a culture accustomed to small living spaces.  The Mayan hammock serves the Maya of Yucatan as a bed at night and is either hung out of the way during the day or left hanging as a convenient place to lounge 24/7.  We encourage our customers to use their imagination, inspired perhaps by some of the interior photos here on our site, to envision a Mayan hammock in their own home.

Don’t they take up a lot of space indoors? 

Not nearly as much as you might imagine.  When empty, the Mayan hammock has a diameter of less than 6 inches.  Imagine a feather-light cable suspended across the room you plan to use it in.  If you find it inconvenient to duck under or walk around, you can simply take one side down when it’s not being used and hang it somewhere out of the way.

How do I hang it up? 

See the "Hang It Up!" page for tips on how to install your Mayan hammock indoors or out.

Why doesn't it have those wooden spreader bars like the American-style rope hammock? 

Why doesn't a unicycle have a second wheel? 

The simple answer is, it doesn't need spreader bars, and it wouldn't be the Mayan hammock if it did.  You are the spreader bar in a Mayan hammock, and because you hang the Mayan hammock in a deep, loose arc, you don’t feel much inward pull from the sides, especially in the larger sizes.  The biggest disadvantage of a hammock with spreader bars is its tendency to tip over when you move too far to one side.  If you’re ever dumped from a hammock with spreader bars, you won’t soon forget it.

Can I sleep in it?  

The answer to this is in the same category as those pertaining to the religious affiliation of the Pope or the elimination habits of bears.  The real question is, how long can I get away with sleeping in my Mayan hammock before my spouse, boss or kids complain? Some of our customers have replaced their conventional beds with a Mayan hammock, while others swear by the restorative properties of a brief power nap in the Mayan hammock.  We defy you to get in and NOT fall asleep. In Yucatan, the native people sleep in nothing else, and take it from us, they seem pretty well relaxed.

Is it easy to fall out of a Mayan hammock?

It's easier to fall off your chair or out of bed.  That is, it can happen if you are very careless or extremely clumsy, but it’s unlikely.  Your weight, when centered in the Mayan hammock, causes the sides to raise up somewhat, making it difficult to roll out unintentionally or in your sleep.  When people think about a hammock tipping and spilling you out on the ground, they aren't thinking of the Mayan hammock.  It just doesn't happen.

Can I leave it up outside?

Welllllll… here you find the Achilles heel of the Mayan hammock.  No, we do not recommend leaving them to the tender mercies of Mother Nature.  Rain or high humidity, UV rays from the sun, mischievous or nest-building woodland creatures are all sworn enemies to the longevity of your Mayan hammock.  We urge you to develop the good habit of bringing your hammock in as often as possible.  A covered porch can reduce the impact of the sun’s rays, but humidity will still be a factor.  So the covered porch option will certainly give your hammock longer life than one that's fully exposed to the elements, but it won’t last as long as one that is brought inside when not in use.

But I’m unbelievably lazy / irresponsible.  What are my options? 

You can leave your Mayan hammock outdoors, but be prepared to replace it almost annually, depending on your local climate.  The Mayan hammock’s amazing comfort is due to the natural flexibility of the fine cotton fibers, which are inherently vulnerable to the weather.  While we do occasionally offer the Mayan hammock in nylon, we feel that any material other than cotton drastically diminishes the comfort of the Mayan hammock

While the lengths of the sizes vary somewhat, the most significant difference is in the width of the hammock.  In fact, most sizes can all fit in the same space, more or less.  The difference is in how wide the hammock can spread with someone inside.  See the product descriptions for more details

What size is best for me? 

We are going out on the obnoxious sales-pitch limb here to say, ‘the biggest size you can afford’.  The more width the Mayan hammock has, the easier it is to find that ‘sweet spot’ (see the sub-heading 'Getting the Hang of It' under Mayan Hammock 101), or to share it with others.  Kids really enjoy playing in the larger size Mayan hammock, because they can pile in with a several friends at once, or pull the excess weave over themselves, creating a cocoon-like netting.  Who doesn’t like to imagine themselves becoming a butterfly?  Ok, maybe not you or me, but kids are kinda weird that way.   

Will that hold me up? 

This is a question we frequently hear from folks who first see the Mayan hammock hanging loose and empty.  While the weight of an average adult would snap any individual string, the strength of the Mayan hammock derives from the combination of hundreds of interwoven strands.  Look at the photos on our site if you doubt their strength.  Isn’t seeing believing?


Other FAQ~


What is the meaning of it all? 

While we can’t answer this with any certainty, we can assure you that you will enjoy the time spent pondering such questions much more if you do so in the friendly embrace of your Mayan hammock.

Is there a heaven? 

See the previous answer, but bear in mind that you can steal a few moments of paradise any time you like with a Mayan hammock hanging nearby.

Is there a Santa Claus?

Yes, Virginia, there is.  Ask him real nice-like and he just might bring you a Mayan hammock.

Can I borrow the car? 

Not until you clean your room.

Does this make me look fat? 

No, you look marvelous… and besides, your Mayan hammock is strong enough to support you even if you did put on a few pounds.  Not that I’m saying you have… I mean, hey, really, you look great!